Eagle Industries Becker Patrol Pack (Customized, OD)

Customized Becker Patrol Pack. The original side pouches are replaced by pop-up flare pouches, three on each side. Additional central pocket and side high-visible reflectors are added to the main flap. Two detachable accessory pouches on the sides.

Brand Eagle Industries
Item Name (acquired)
Color Olive Drab
Part Number (acquired)
Date 1999 (buckle)
Reference Link (acquired)

Pop-up flare pouches, three on each side

Removable belt

Front pocket, size perfect for a 1-qt canteen.

Additional central pocket on the flap.

Central high-visiability reflector.

Additional side reflector.

Three antenna/cable exits on the flap.

Flap inner side.

Side accessory pouch connectors.

Side accessory pouches.