SOE 500 ML IV / GP Pouch

This bag is the perfect size for a 500ml I.V. bag and med kit. It is roughly 6″ x 8″ x 3″, and opens with a #10 spiral YKK zipper. It unzips from the side around the top to the opposite side like an upside down horseshoe. The pouch unzips so that it is totally open and very accessible. Inside the pouch there is a piece of elastic sewn to the front and back of the pouch to secure items. The pouch has webbing on the back to attach ALICE clips. This pouch is also great for carrying small binoculars or survival gear. This is the perfect piece of gear to use to carry extra gear on your vest.

Brand Special Operations Equipment
Item Name 500 ML IV Pouch
Color Olive Drab
Part Number (N/A)
Date 2000
Reference Link (Outdated)