G.I. Official Macsot Bobbi The Cat

Adopted on Sep, 16th, 2020. Found in a bicycle park near the home of our member. She was just a poor, dirty tiny furball when found, and might not survive this winter. But now she is a pretty small lady and becomes our mascot!

The member who adopted her already has a cat named “Apache”, a female tiger-strip cat. So we were chosing name for the new furball between “Comanche” and “Cheyenne”: all the names are Native America Indian Tribe’s and US Army armed chopper’s name.

But concidering the fate of “Comanche” and “Cheyenne” programs, we decided to call her “Huey”.

Several days late we realized that the name “Huey” is not quite recogonizable for a cat, at last we decide to call her “Bobbi”.


Stock Number Reference:

Cat, Mascot, G.I.’s


Assign Date: 2020-09-16

Data Sheet
Item Value
Breed Hybrid Domestic Cat
Fur Color Calico: Black, White And Ginger
Fur Style Long Hair
Eye Color Yellow (both)
Gender Female
Weight (secret)
Birthday Someday in Aug, 2020