Improved M-65 Field Jacket/Trousers Liner (CG483)

Improved M-65 Field Jacket/Trousers Liner, can be worn as standalone insulated liner without being attached to the field jacket/trousers. They are parts of ECWCS Gen I.


Jacket Liner

Stock Number Reference:

Liner, Cold Weather Coat

Assign Date: Unknown

Size NSN
X-Small 8415-00-782-2886
Small 8415-00-782-2887
Medium 8415-00-782-2888
Large 8415-00-782-2889
X-Large 8415-00-782-2890

Trousers Liner

Stock Number Reference:

Liner, Cold Weather Trousers, Field

Assign Date: 1984-05-24

Size NSN
X-Small Short/Regular 8415-01-180-0370
Small Short/Regular 8415-01-180-0371
Small Long 8415-01-180-0372
Medium Short/Regular 8415-01-180-0373
Medium Long 8415-01-180-0374
Large Short/Regular 8415-01-180-0375
Large Long 8415-01-180-0376
X-Large Short/Regular 8415-01-180-0377