ECWCS Alternative Hood

Sunday November 29th, 2020 admin

Alternative hood for ECWCS Gen II Parka.   Stock Number Reference: Hood, Cold Weather, Camouflage Size-NSN sheet Size NSN Assign Date X-Small 8415-01-421-9283 1995-11-17 Small 8415-01-425-5368 1996-02-23 Medium 8415-01-425-5373 1996-02-23 Large 8415-01-425-5376 1996-02-23 X-Large 8415-01-425-5379 1996-02-23

Nylon Duffel Bag (1966)

Sunday November 29th, 2020 admin

Shares the same FSN with cotton duck version.   Stock Number Reference: Bag, Duffel FSN: 8465-265-4928 Assign Date: Unknown

Improved M-65 Field Jacket/Trousers Liner (CG483)

Friday November 27th, 2020 admin

Improved M-65 Field Jacket/Trousers Liner, can be worn as standalone insulated liner without being attached to the field jacket/trousers. They are parts of ECWCS Gen I.   Jacket Liner Stock Number Reference: Liner, Cold Weather Coat Assign Date: Unknown Size NSN X-Small 8415-00-782-2886 Small 8415-00-782-2887 Medium 8415-00-782-2888 Large 8415-00-782-2889 X-Large […]

Jungle Ranger Custom Upgrades

Friday November 20th, 2020 admin

Author: Beta-TNT   As Jungle Ranger rucksack officially released for selling, I received both positive comments and suggestions for improvement. After gathering the suggestions and materials at hand, I have some ideas. Compress Straps Some of my customers complained about the absence of compress straps. In fact, compress strap comes […]

MOLLE II Accessories (Desert)

Thursday November 19th, 2020 admin

Stock Number Reference: Components Name Qty per set NSN Assign Date MOLLE, Repair Set Buckles 1 set 8465-01-465-2080 1999-05-26 MOLLE, Lashing Strap 2 ea 8465-01-491-7447 2001-10-30 MOLLE, K-Bar Adapter 4 ea 8465-01-491-7525 2001-10-30 MOLLE, ALICE Clip Adapter 4 ea 8465-01-491-7443 2001-10-30

MOLLE II Grenadier Set (Coyote Brown)

Thursday November 19th, 2020 admin

Stock Number Reference: MOLLE, Grenadier Set NSN: 8465-01-532-2333 Assign Date: 2005-08-02 Components Name Qty. NSN Assign Date MOLLE, Pouch, 40mm High Pyrotechnic Double 2 8465-01-532-2393 2005-08-02 MOLLE, Pouch, 40 mm High Explosive Double 4 8465-01-532-2392 2005-08-02 MOLLE, Pouch, 40mm High Explosive Single 10 8465-01-532-2391 2005-08-02