MOLLE II Fighting Load Carrier And Pouches (Coyote Brown)

The Marines issued Improved Load Bearing Equipment (ILBE) instead of MOLLE II since 2003, so only FLC and part of pouches of MOLLE II in coyote brown were assigned NSN.


Stock Number Reference:

Item NSN Assign Date
MOLLE, Fighting Load Carrier (FLC) 8465-01-532-2302 2005-08-02
MOLLE, Double M-4 Magazine Pouch 8465-01-532-2304 2005-08-02
MOLLE, 1 QT Canteen / General Purpose Pouch 8465-01-532-2303 2005-08-02
MOLLE, Hand Grenade Pouch 8465-01-532-2306 2005-08-02
MOLLE, Bandoleer Ammunition Pouch 8465-01-532-2301 2005-08-02
MOLLE, K-Bar Adapter 8465-01-532-2329 2005-08-02
MOLLE, ALICE Clip Adapter 8465-01-532-2308 2005-08-02
Carrier, E-Tool, Coyote 8465-01-519-7815 2004-04-30
Fighting Load Carrier (FLC)
Double M-4 Magazine Pouch
1 QT Canteen / General Purpose Pouch
Hand Grenade Pouch
Bandoleer Ammunition Pouch
ALICE Clip Adaptor (left) and K-Bar Adaptor (right)
E-Tool Carrier