Marine FROG Combat Suit (Early Trial Version)

Another version of the FR combat ensemble shirt(Desert MARPAT) in the early era. Its fabric composition is also completely different from the current style.


From the collection of Kevin Bean.

Stock Number Reference:

FR Combat Ensemble Shirt, Desert MARPAT

Assign Date: 2007-01-12

Size NSN
SMALL REGULAR 8415-01-547-1734
MEDIUM REGULAR 8415-01-547-1743
LARGE REGULAR 8415-01-547-1751
X-LARGE REGULAR 8415-01-547-1756

FR Combat Ensemble Trousers, Desert MARPAT

Assigned Date: 2007-01-12

Waist Sz / Inseam Sz REGULAR LONG
SMALL 8415-01-546-9992 8415-01-547-0003
MEDIUM 8415-01-547-0006 8415-01-547-0597
LARGE 8415-01-547-0608 8415-01-547-0613
X-LARGE 8415-01-547-0617 8415-01-547-0626

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Item provided by G.I.’s friend.