G.I. Design Camelbak 750ml Bottle Carrier

Designer & Author: Beta-TNT (Webmaster)

There are too many water bottle carrier production for the Nalgene 1L Bottle, but only few for the smaller Camelbak 750ml bottle. As a city traveler, not a outdoorer, a water bottle of 1L is too big and too heavy to carry with. So I design this one.

Inspired by Kifaru Water Bottle Pocket, I designed a smaller bottle carrier specially for Camelbak 750ml Water Bottle (or any other bottle with diameter of about 76mm / circumference within 239mm). The main body is almost the same: a barrel with a webbing strap as bottom. It is MALICE compatible and can be attached to MOLLE or belt of any width.



rear, MALICE compatible

Water bottle is something like wallet that may be accessed frequently. So in my opinion, water bottle carriers with draw cord, flap with zipper or buckle, etc. are all junks, these things only make it harder taking out your bottle. If you really worry about losing your bottle by accident, here is my solution.
A detachable fastener strap with buckle. But if you ask me, I’m not using it

With the side webbing, you can even attach a sling to it, and use it as a standalone bottle carrier. In this situation, you can even use the MALICE on the rear as normal MOLLE panel and attach some small pouch to it.

Simple but useful, and more extensible, that is the way I design thing.