Sorry, We Were Wrong About EI Made MARPAT YOTE

Author: Beta-TNT (Webmaster)

Two months ago, I posted a blog about Eagle Industries made MARPAT YOTE. In that blog, I stated some suspicious detail, like unusual buckles/zipper puller, misused NSN, and even the color (woodland MARPAT). Based on these suspicious fact, I drew the conclusion that it might be a knockoff.

As that blog posted, it started some discussion about the pack. Some people insisted that it is genuine, not a knockoff or fake. The discussion is terminated today.


Sorry, it was me who screwed up.


Today an Eagle Industries staff contacted us and showed us enough evidence for refutation. He explained everything: buckles, misused NSN, strange color, mismatch part no, etc. By agreement, I promised not to make it public, so I’m not showing the evidence here. But I’m pretty sure the evidence is trustable, you have my guarantee.

He knows we are just collectors and not tending do that for bad. And we just made our judgement by the knowledge we had. But this time, we did made a mistake.

Sorry again for the mess.