The Blast Gauge® System (2014)

The Blast Gauge® System is a 3-sensor set worn on the head, shoulder, and chest. Unit medics and leadership are alerted wirelessly or via button push on gauge, when further evaluation is required. Detailed data can be downloaded and analyzed by medical personnel wirelessly or via a micro-USB connection.

The Blast Gauge® System is easily deployed from dozens to thousands of people. Each gauge is labeled and color-coded for location placement. After a one-time quick setup, disconnect the gauge from a PC or wireless connection and you’re ready to go. LED Indicator Lights are activated via an environmentally sealed recessed button, allowing a field medic to instantly assess exposure based on pre-set thresholds defining moderate and severe events. All data is date and time stamped and transmitted wirelessly to a mobile application, or stored for later download via USB.



Stock Number Reference:

Monitoring Device, Concussion

NSN: 6665-01-606-7851

Assign Date: 2012-05-23