Army Special OD7 Herringbone Twill (HBT) Jacket (1945)

At this point, the Army was going to great lengths to protect troops from possible chemical warfare attack. In late 1942, most tops were modified with “gas flaps” on the chests and cuffs while trousers were fitted with overlapping flys in an effort to prevent blister agents from reaching soldiers’ skin. Garments modified or produced with these features had the term “Special” added to their name. The Specials appeared early in 1943, with contracts running concurrently with non-special garments.

Special HBT Jackets have a gas flap in the chest (which many soldiers promptly removed due it being incredibly annoying) and two buttons under the rear of the collar to enable the attachment of a hood.


Source: At The Front


Stock Number Reference:

Jacket, Herringbone Twill, OD-7, Special

Size-Army Stock Number Sheet
Size Army Stock Number
32R 55-J-508-28
34R 55-J-508-35
36R 55-J-508-45
38R 55-J-508-55
40R 55-J-508-65
42R 55-J-508-75
44R 55-J-508-85
46R 55-J-508-95
48R 55-J-509-05
50R 55-J-509-15



Buttons for connecting gas-protective hood
“Gas flap”