Fake Eagle Industries Woodland MARPAT YOTE/BTAP Hydration Pack

Author: Beta-TNT (Webmaster)


This Woodland MARPAT YOTE/BTAP’s first appearance is about in 2014, but it comes again recently. It has following characteristics:

  1. It appears as an Eagle Industries made YOTE/BTAP in Woodland Digital camouflage.
  2. Part No: BP-YOTE-MS-WD.
  3. NSN: 8465-01-594-6462.
  4. Source 3L Bladder inside.
  5. Uses ITW TSR or UTX Stealth buckle, not EI common used ITW SR square buckle.

After careful investigation, I believe this pack is a knockoff. I have following reasons.


1. Part Number

Its part no, “BP-YOTE-MS-WD“, which means “BACK PACK, YOTE, MOLLE SYSTEM“. The color code “WD” maybe stands for “Woodland Digital” or simply “Woodland”. But as the furthest as I know, Eagle Industries never used color code “WD”, and never has other known production in Woodland MARPAT camouflage. If it is AOR2, the color code should be “A2” or “5A2”.


2. NSN

Its NSN, 8465-01-594-6462, refers to part number “BP-YOTE-MS-5CCA“, not “BP-YOTE-MS-WD”.

And the part number “BP-YOTE-MS-5CCA” referes to 500D Multicam BTAP, not Woodland MARPAT.

“BP-YOTE-MS-5CCA” refers to “500D Multicam Yote Hydration Pack”


3. Buckles

Eagle Industries never uses buckles more than ITW SR series square buckles, but in this case, some photos show that there are ITW TSR or UTX Stealth style buckles. Furthermore, EI never uses plastic zipper puller.

EI style buckles and zipper pullers


4. Sticker label on the packing

As far as I can reach, I found two different labels:

The key is bar code, I don’t see any bar code on the label. Even for issued items, there should be bar code on the packing, which refers to its NSN. More than the missing bar code, but the EI website URL and logo, they can’t be found on certain labels.


About the label, I found some interesting fact. I found some other BTAP in Multicam and coyote brown with similar label, and the have common characteristics: the buckles, zipper pullers, etc. So maybe not only the Woodland MARPAT ones, but also some MC or coyote brown ones are knockoff, too.