M-1956 Suspenders Foreign Modification (1960s)

These modified suspenders are based on an XL sized, 1967 dated M-1956 Suspenders. The mainly modification is a pair of additional front straps and backpack connectors, seem to be used with M-1945 Field Pack (or its local copy).

Considering those countries/regions who used America made M-1956 LCE and M-1945 Field Pack in the late 1960s, these modified suspenders maybe come from Korea or Taiwan.

From left to right: “M-1944” Suspenders, modified, original M-1956 Suspenders
Added backpack connectors
The modified suspenders’ support strap rings were removed (left)
Backpack connectors: “M-1944” (left) and modified (right)
The added front straps were made from WWII dated thick one inch cotton webbing, but paired with post war flap fasteners.
The modified suspenders were based on an XL sized, 1967 dated M-1956 Suspenders