Gentex EPS-21 Combat Goggle

Brand Gentex Corporation
Item Name Eye Protective System-21 (EPS-21™) Combat Goggle
Color Black
Part Number D10525-xx
Date post 2000
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Engineered to meet the challenges of U.S. military special forces, police tactical units and U.S. military allies, the Eye Protective System-21 (EPS-21™) Combat Goggle provides maximum protection against ballistic fragmentary projectiles well in excess of military specifications, while also serving as a sun, wind and dust goggle. Its ballistic inner lens is 4mm of optically clear, anti-fog coated polycarbonate, which also provides long-term eye protection by blocking out harmful UV solar radiation. The goggle also has provisions for a corrective lens insert for prescription lens wearers.

The durable nylon frame and sleek, low-profile design of the EPS-21 allows for a wide range of view while ensuring compatibility with a variety of helmets — TBH-II, Advanced Combat Helmet, MMH-II, Lightweight Level IIIA, PASGT, DH-132 AS and TCH — weapon sights, and targeting systems.

The product’s unique outsert lens design offers quick-change capabilities to meet the varying light management requirements of the wearer. In addition, a wide range of optional sunshade, contrast enhancement, and laser protection outserts can be easily integrated to provide additional ballistic protection with no parallax induced optical degradation. Lenses offer 99% UV(A), UV(B) and UV(C) protection, and laser protective capabilities are not compromised after exposure to high and low operating temperatures.

The system can include a ski-type goggle or a universal strap that accommodates almost every type of helmet. It features a unique strap locking mechanism that allows the goggle frame to be adjusted for a snug fit, even after releasing the goggle away from the face. The EPS-21 comes standard with a choice of a green or black carrying case to stow the goggle and accessories on standard load bearing equipment.

CAMARILLO, Calif. (Aug. 12, 2008) Thirteen West Coast-based Navy SEALs act in a scene for an upcoming episode of the Fox network television series “24” at Camarillo Airport. The show’s producer requested participation from Naval Special Warfare Command to add realism to the scenes. The SEALs fast-roped from helicopters and assaulted a terrorist cell during the filming. The episode will air on Fox in January 2009. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Dominique M. Lasco/Released)