Militaria In The Mist (4): MOLLE II Gears In…Arctic White?

Author: Beta-TNT


We US militaria collectors are too familiar with MOLLE II gears, we all know MOLLE II gears in five colors/camouflages: woodland, desert, coyote brown, universal camouflage and OEF camouflage. But today I’ll tell you a stunning fact: there is a sixth color for MOLLE II.

It’s Arctic Camouflage, or more precisely, Arctic Camouflage White NO.488.

In 2002, a whole set of MOLLE gear was assigned NSN. By reading its query information, we can learn that it is another set of 1st pattern MOLLE II (split main pack and “M16 magazine pouch”). But no one has ever seen MOLLE II in white, also the query info doesn’t contain contract info. So what’s the point assigning NSN to something that don’t exist?

I have updated the Arctic White MOLLE II’s NSN into my MOLLE II NSN LIST, check it out.