BLACKHAWK S.F. Enhanced Load Bearing Vest, Woodland

(Description copied from archived official webstore)

BlackHawk’s enhanced SF-LBV pouches are angle designed for increased mag change efficiency. The panels are made of nylon mesh and the pouches are made of 2 layers of 1000D Nytaneon. The shoulder straps are neck contour cut and packed with .5″ closed cell foam. The internal panels have #9 YKK zippered mesh compartments. Each magazine pouch holds 2 M-16 .223 mags that are separated and kept silent by a divider. Ths vest holds a total of 8 .223 mags and 2 grenades.

Features include:

  • Internal mesh pockets
  • .5 inch closed cell shoulder padding
  • Belt loops for military 2.5″ pistol belts
  • BTS webbing on side and back (fits any BlackHawk product)
  • Welded/anodized metal D-rings for buttpack attachment
  • Rescue drag handle
  • Hydration system tube routing system
  • Pack-strap keeper system
Item Name S.F. Enhanced Load Bearing Vest
Color Woodland
Part Number 31SF03WC
Date 1999 (buckle)
Reference Link (Outdated)

Navy SEALs open day 2000.