Militaria In The Mist (2): M-1967 USMC

Author: Beta-TNT


The M-1967 USMC LCE was one of those nylon webbing gears for the Vietnam War. About the difference between the M-1967 USMC and the Army M-1967, just read this: Story About USGI Buttpack. Long words in short: the M-1967 USMC and the Army M-1967 are definitely two systems, you shall not confuse them.

Nylon M-1941 haversack and M-1967 USMC combat pack

Judging from the real objects, M-1967 USMC gears’ contract number are all dated 1970 or even later. But the US force started withdrawing from the South East Asia since 1969, the M-1967 USMC only had little chance. The real objects show that the M-1967 USMC gears were still issued at a number, some of them show the signs of being used or even modified.

Photo of 1983 Beirut barracks bombings incident, the marine in the right wore a M-1967 USMC quick release suspenders.

But in the other hand, gears being made in the war time always in large number. Think of the M-1961 buttpack, it stayed in the supply and logistics system even in the 1990s. So that I believe the M-1967 USMC may be the same.

M-1967 USMC M-14 Rifle Pouch