Experimental LINCLOE “Detachable M-14 Ammo Pouch”?

Recently I got an interesting magazine pouch, I think it maybe the “detachable ammunition pocket for M-14 automatic rifle” which supposed to be proposed at the early stage of LINCLOE LCE Program.

This pouch has the same size as M-1967 USMC M-14 Pouch, on its sides there are straps with plastic snaps for holding grenades, just like Nylon M16 30 Round Magazine Case. There is no plastic plate reinforcements, no support strap, and no stamp, too. There only a white numeral handwriting on the inner side of its flap.

Three years ago, there was a thread in the USMF, the thread starter got a similar pouch (but for M-16 rifle 20 round magazine, not M-14), which considered to be the LINCLOE LCE M-16 magazine pouch shown on the following photo:


So I reviewed the LINCLOE LCE report document again, and found some relevant content on the third page:

If that M-16 pouch DOES belongs to LINCLOE LCE, I believe mine is, too, as the “detachable pockets for the M-14 ammunition” mentioned in the report.