Perfect Coin Pouch: Granite Tactical Gear I-Snuf Pouch

After those Japan trips, I realized that I need a small pouch with me for holding coins. In Japan, banknote valued below 1000 Yen are all coins: 500 Yen, 100 Yen, 50 Yen, etc. Since your mobile payment is mostly unusable in a foreign country, your pocket may be filled with various coins when you leave a Lawson or 7.11, and this situation maybe keeps until you leave Japan. So after my last Tokyo trips, I was always searching a small pouch especially for holding coins.

Author: Beta-TNT

Someone may ask: why not try LC-1 compass pouch? It seems perfect for this purpose. In fact I tried it at the very beginning and found a big problem: flap-closure pouches with snap or Velcro are not suitable for small objects like coins, the contents may fall out from the gap between the flap and the body while moving, even if the pouch is closed for good. So, if you need to find a pouch for coins, it must be a zipper-closure one. In addition, the pouch must not be wide-opened, half-opened at most.

With the conditions above, I found several pouch: Maxpedition Tactical Can Case, Tasmania Tiger Dip Pouch, etc. And finally, I choosed Granite Tactical Gear I-Snuf Pouch. These pouches a all in similar size and shape, because they are desigened for holding snuf can.

Granite Tactical Gear I-Snuf Pouch. Three color available: black, Multicam and coyote brown. This prouduction can’t be found in the official website, maybe discontinued?

Not only this I-Snuf Pouch meets all the need metioned above, but also it has two cool mounting ways.

You can see it has three lines of webbing on the surface – it’s a common design, Maxpedition’s production has three lines, too. It is unique on the other side: both sides of the pouch has three lines, but they are mutually perpendicular. That means whether the strap you mount is horizontal (like belt or MOLLE) or vertical (like backpack shoulder strap), there is always a way keeping the opening upwards.

Mounted on horizontal belt

Mounted on vertical backpack shoulder strap

Three lines of webbing also bring more cool ways of mounting: MALICE bar, webbing clip or even ALICE slide keeper, you can mount it on wherever you want, with whatever you have.

The Granite Tactical Gear I-Snuf Pouch is perfect for me, but there is also several disadvantages: no additional compartment on the inner side, the mounting bar comes with it is very poor, and there is only one zipper handle.