AN/PRC-127 (RT-1594) Radio

AN/PRC-127 (RT-1594) Radio is a handheld transceiver operating in the 136-160 MHz range used by the US Army to aid in provisioning services, and other non-combat uses. It is a software modified version of the civilian LPI series high band Bendix-King radio (Bendix-King DPHx5102x).

Technical data:

  • Weight: 3.25 pounds (1.47kg)
  • Channels: 14 independent preset channels
  • Channel spacing: 25kHz
  • Frequency control: Synthesizer
  • Modulation: FM
  • HF Output power: 2 Watts
  • Sensitivity: 0.25V
  • Power supply: AA cells or NiCad- batteries.
  • Specialities: Lid covers keyboard. An extra speaker/mike can be used as well as the VOX/PTT adapter used by special forces units.

Source: Wikipedia


Stock Number Reference:

Radio Set, AN/PRC-127

NSN: 5820-01-266-5964

Assign Date: 1987-10-29

Technical Manual: TM 11-5820-1048-10



Nomenclature NSN Assign Date
Receiver/Transmitter, RT-1594/PRC-127 5820-01-274-5063 1988-03-09
Antenna, AS-3960/PRC-127 5985-01-274-5051 1988-03-09
Battery Assembly 6140-01-274-0835 1988-03-04
Charger, Battery 6130-01-274-0839 1988-03-04
Battery Pack, Alkaline 6135-01-274-5015 1988-03-09
Speaker, Microphone 5965-01-274-5016 1988-03-09
Cover, Microphone/Speaker 5965-01-292-8307 1989-01-22
Holster, AN/PRC-127 8105-01-276-4810 1988-04-19


Ni-Cd Battery Assembly and Charger


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