M-1945 Suspenders Foreign Modification (1960s)

These suspenders were modified from M-1945 Suspenders by some Europe countries (highly probably Greece) that received US military assistance in the Cold War era. There are several modifications:

  • Two “branch straps” were removed.
  • Spring hooks of the front suspendres were replaced by “bottle opener” hooks.
  • Dual tiny D rings replaced the wide brass fastener connectors that connecting the field pack.
  • Two square metal rings were added to the front parts of the should pads.

As far as I know, the Greek Army received large military assistance, including US made firearms and individual equipment, both retired and serving. I believe these modifications were happened in the 1960s or even later, at least they were not earlier than 2nd pattern M-1956 Suspenders with flattened “bottle opener” hooks (hook with sleeping gear attachment loop, FY 1961). By that time, the Greek Army was using US made M-1956 LCE or local made copy gears (the Greece made M-1956 LCE copy was named “M-1971”), including the Sleeping Gear Carrier. So the Greek Army modified these US provided old style suspenders and made them compatible with new gears. The metal square rings were set for M-1956 style ammo pouch’s supporting strap.


Stock Number Reference:

Suspenders, Pack, Combat, Cargo

Army Stock Number: 74-S-392-300


original M-1945 Suspender (left) and the modified(right)

Front: original M-1945 Suspender (left) and the modified(right)

Rear: original M-1945 Suspender (left) and the modified(right)

Original M-1945 Suspenders and M-1936 Pistol Belt

Modified suspenders and M-1923 Dismounted Cartridge Belt
original M-1945 Suspender (lower) and the modified(upper)
modified suspenders’ flattened “bottle opener” hook (left) and original M-1945 Suspenders’ spring hook (right)

The removed parts’ stitches still remain on the suspenders.

Branch strap’s stitch
Field pack connector’s stitch