Pouches Review: Small Horizental Utility Pouches

It seems that I haven’t written a “tactical gear review” blog for years, but in fact I use them everyday it’s just a long time I haven’t bought some new gear.


Author: Beta-TNT

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In my last Japan trip, I still used Eagle Industries Courier Bag as my active pack. I bought it in the early 2012, it has been with me for 6 years, and it is expected that it will continue to accompany.

Eagle Industries Courier Bag

While traveling in urban environment, and you don’t have much things to carry with, courier bag is a better choice than backpack. When you’re going to take a bus or taxi, courier bag will be much easier to change position from your back to the front without taking it off. If your bag’s shoulder strap has a stabilizer strap, the bag will be as stable as a backpack of the same volume. The only disadvantage is that one chest pocket maybe blocked.

Several years ago, I paired my courier bag with a Pantac 2 Inch Pad for Bag Strap. And then I transformed the useless waist strap into a useful stabilizer strap. So I can use the shoulder strap as a stable mounting panel for some small pouches, just like a bandoleer. I think it’s the perfect way to carry valuable items that may be frequently used, such as wallet and passport.

2017: pouches for wallet and sunglasses

2018: pouches for wallet and passport

After my last trip, I realized that I should carry wallet and passport in a single pouch so I can make room for sunglass pouch. But there are some requirements for such a pouch:

  1. Horizental design, zipper main compartment but not wide open.
  2. Two direct accessible zipper compartments for wallet and passport.
  3. As small as possible.
  4. Both MOLLE and belt mounting are acceptable, but if it comes with belt keepers, they must openable.

So the pouch I need is a small horizontal utility pouch with two zipper compartments. I gathered following products on the market:

Products Face Size* Thickness* Mounting Fabric MSRP
MagForce 5″ Horizental Waist Pack (#0240) 150mm*100mm 70mm Openable belt keepers 1050D MAGTEX NT$690
MagForce 5*7*5 Tactical Utility Pouch (#0244) 190mm*140mm 40mm MALICE 1050D MAGTEX NT$890
Triple Aught Design GPP1 152mm*95mm 50mm MOLLE/Belt tunnel 1000D Cordura USD$44
Combat2000 Survivor 7×5 EDC Pouch 170mm*120mm 60mm MALICE 500D Cordura RMB¥119

*Size data gathered from official website.

Four pouches gathered.

BTW, the black wallet in the photo is SPEC-OPS T.H.E. Wallet J.R., I bought it three years ago in my Taiwan trip. It is the perfect nylon wallet I ever used. It’s snap-free, buckle-free and Velcro-free. If you have one, I believe you know what I mean.

Let’s get started.


MagForce 5″ Horizental Waist Pack

Let’s start from the smallest one.

MagForce 5″ Horizental Waist Pack is not only the smallest one, but also the most complex one. It has three direct accessible compartments. And there is a snap tab on its right side for anti-thief purpose.

Direct accessible compartment

Zipper compartment

It’s belt keepers fit both pants belt and duty belt.

Belt keepers and pen tunnel

Snap tab usage

Sub-compartments on the inner side of main compartment.

If you don’t have much things to carry with, it may be a good choice. The only disadvantage is that there is only one zipper puller on its main compartment zipper, I have to add another one since I’m unaccustomed to the original one. I sewed that “G.I.” leather tab by myself by hand.


MagForce 5*7*5 Tactical Utility Pouch

Then turn to the pouch with the largest face size.

MagForce 5*7*5 Tactical Utility Pouch is much simpler than

It is the thinnest one of all

MALICE mounting

Full size sub-compartment on both sides of it’s main compartment inner side.

Hanger loop.



Then the most expensive one, TAD GPP1.

It’s design doesn’t meet it’s price. It just an ordinary utility pouch with belt tunnel and MOLLE.


Two pieces of elastic webbing sewn on the sides.

It’s belt tunnel is not openable.

It has two mesh sub-compartments and one hanger eyelet tab in its main compartment.

It may be better if it has a piece of Velcro loop pile on the face.


Combat2000 Survivor 7×5 EDC Pouch

Finally we have Combat2000 Survivor 7×5 EDC Pouch. It’s a new production.

It’s MALICE mounting compatible with both MOLLE and belts.

MALICE mounting

Two pieces of webbing on the sides

Two elastic loops on the bottom

Full size mesh sub-compartments in its main compartment front side.

The sub-compartment of its back side is divided into two halves.

It is a good small utility pouch though, but it would be better if it is 1000D, not 500D. Although I think 500D fabric is good for lightweight, but that is for backpacks and vests. As for pouches, I still believe 1000D is the best choice.



First let’s see how they look on the shoulder strap.

MagForce 5″ Horizental Waist Pack

MagForce 5*7*5 Tactical Utility Pouch


COMBAT2000 Survivor 7X5 EDC


First, the MagForce 5″ Horizental Waist Pack’s front compartment is too small for a standard passport, and MagForce 5*7*5 Tactical Utility Pouch is too big for this purpose. Maybe GPP1 or Survivor 7×5 is my final choice.


Products Advantages Disadvantages
MagForce 5″ Horizental Waist Pack
  • Extra direct compartment
  • Only one zipper pull.
  • Too small
MagForce 5*7*5 Tactical Utility Pouch
  • No obvious advantages and disadvantages
  • Both MOLLE and belt compatible
  • Too expensive
COMBAT2000 Survivor 7X5 EDC
  • Split inner sub-compartment
  • 500D fabric is too soft



Finally, I’ll tell you why I started this blog.


In fact, that MagForce 5″ Horizental Waist Pack is the only pouch I have at first. I chose it from the official website.

When I had it at hand, I found it had only one zipper puller that I was not accustomed to. So I installed another one.

YKK RCT 10# zipper, I still don’t understand why it need such a wide zipper.

I even purchased a set of tools for leather sewing, they spent me RMB¥250+. And I spent half a day sewing that leather tab by hand.

It’s a bit crooked

Then I found the Velcro loop pile of the left belt keeper was not functioning well, I had to replace it.

shoe repair shop industries”


Finally, I found a horrible fact…



The front compartment is simply too small for a passport, all the effort I made was in vain…

So I bought as much similar product as possible on the market, only to find a perfect one. Then you are reading this blog…