Intermediate Cold/Wet Gloves (2004)


The Intermediate Cold/Wet Glove System (ICWG) developed to address a deficiency of hand protection in cold/wet climates for ground troop soldiers. The original ICWG system was designed and field tested as a Soldier Enhancement Program (SEP) and adopted as an interim solution in June 1991. A Preplanned Product Improvement (P3I) Program immediately followed to address deficiencies identified from the ICWG SEP Program. The full solution ICWG was adopted by a Type Classification Review Panel in Nov 1994.

Key Requirements

  • The system shall consist of an insulated glove and a separate knit insert (Glove Insert, Cold Weather Lightweight).
  • Provide maximum warmth in cold (temperature range 0 degrees to 40 degrees F) with minimal bulk
  • Dexterity to conduct required mission operations
  • Waterproof
  • Durability equal to the standard Light Duty Work Glove
  • Black color


The insulated leather glove is an inseamed Flexor pattern design with wing thumb. A waterproof breathable glove lining layer is sandwiched between the leather shell and a polyester batting insulation that lines the glove. Elastic webbing on the palm side of the wrist and webbing adjustment straps on the back side of the wrist offer close fit to each wearer. Ribbed knit wrist cuff improves protection from cold and snow penetration. The Glove Insert, Cold Weather Lightweight is a seamless knit insert constructed of wool, acrylic, and hollow-core polyester blended yarns.

Six (6) sizes are available, XXS through XXL. The Glove Insert, Cold Weather Lightweight is available in three sizes, S – M/L – XL. The Requirement Documents (Statement of Need – Clothing and Individual Equipment) for the item are SN-CIE for ICWG original (April 1990) and SN-CIE for ICWG P3I (April 1992).


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Gloves, Intermediate Cold/Wet

Assign Date: 1990-05-09

Size NSN
1 (X-Small) 8415-01-319-5112
2 (Small) 8415-01-319-5113
3 (Medium) 8415-01-319-5114
4 (Large) 8415-01-319-5115
5 (X-Large) 8415-01-319-5116