Saunders’ Snake Bit Kit (Vietnam War)

Usage (print inside the lid):

  1. Apply toruniquet at once, placing it between body and bite. Loosen tourniquet every 15 minutes for a few second (about 10 seconds).
  2. Apply iodine to area around bite.
  3. Paint lancet blade with iodine.
  4. Make single longitudinal (long axis) incision ¼ inch deep over each fang mark.
  5. Use small transparent suction adaptor for fingers and toes; for flatter surfaces, use transparent pump housing extension.
  6. Place pump tightly over incisions and apply suction by pressing and then releasing plunger. Suction can increased by repeating this movement.
  7. Continue suction for 15 minutes before loosening tourniquet. Continue suction for 15 minutes out of each hour until under medical care or until swelling is done.
  8. In case of faintness, crush ammonia inhalant and hold near nose.
  9. If breathing becomes difficult or shows signs of stopping, give artificial respiration.
  10. If there is great bleeding form incision(s) discontinue suction temporarily and press finger firmly over bleeding site. Continue suction of second incision. If both are bleeding (not producing lymph or venom) discontinue suction altogether.
  11. After suction has been complete, apply a sterile dressing.


Content list:

Item Name Qty.
Transparent pump 1
Transparent pump housing extension 1
Transparent suction adaptor 1
Lancet blade 1
Adhesive bandage 2
Tube grease (Accessories box) 1
Tourniquet (Accessories box) 1
Iodine swab (Accessories box) 1
Ammonia inhalant (Accessories box) 2


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Saunders’ Snake Bite Kit

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