RT-278(A)/URC-10 Survival Radio

Also known as “RT-10” (Receiver/Transmitter 10). Used as survival radio by pilots and SOF operatives during the Vietnam War.

This radio has an extension cable for the BA-1387 Mercury battery, to keep it warm in cold conditions.

RT-278/URC-10 connected to BA-1387 Mercury battery
Pages about RT-278/URC-10 survival radio in the PS magazine (1966)


Battery: BA-1387/U (FSN: 6135-889-1485)

Working Frequency: 243 MHz Only

Output Power: 200 mW

Manual: TM-11-5820-640-15

Stock Number Reference:

Nomenclature FSN Assign Date
Receiver-Transmitter, Radio RT-278/URC-10 5820-858-5721 Unknown
Receiver-Transmitter, Radio RT-278A/URC-10 5820-777-7293 Unknown
PTT buttons and tone switches
Battery connectors: RT-278/URC-10 (left) and RT-278A/URC-10 (right)