Light Duty Glove (Modern)


The Light Duty Work Glove has been in the field since the 1960’s or prior. The item has multifunctional purpose although intended for wear while performing light work. It is issued as a standard “bag” item to all Army personnel and is also used by all DoD services. In 1985 the USAIS identified deficiencies needing improvement: seam failures, poor water resistance, and colorfastness.
A Product Improvement Program was carried out and successfully delivered a light duty glove with a new pattern and tanning process that improved these deficiencies. The item was also improved for sizing and fit by incorporating hand data, first time available for use from a 1987 (ANSUR) anthropometric survey study. The Improved Light Duty Work Glove has been fielded since 1991.


  • The gloves are unlined cattlehide with water resistant finish. The Flexor patented pattern design enhances the glove for several reasons:
  • Improves durability by reduction in the amount of seaming especially in the finger portion of the patterns, and the seams are in a less stressful location when compression and flexing occur
  • Pleats on finger joints offer easier flexing
  • Incorporates a three dimensional shape with fewer stitching operations, less seam allowances, thus less bulk
  • Palm area has a reinforcement patch for increased durability.


  • Use for light duty work
  • Can be worn over standard knitted glove inserts for additional warmth
  • Protects the butyl Chemical Protective warfare gloves when worn over them
  • Provide protection against mosquitos
  • Dexterity required to conduct mission operations


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Shown pair contract number dated 1999.


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Gloves, Men and Women’s, Leather, Light Duty

Assign Date: 1989-11-13

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