Transitional Type Woodland Camouflage Combat Uniform (“RDF Uniform”)

Tuesday August 30th, 2016 admin

Stock Number Reference: Coat Coat, Hot Weather, Camouflage Pattern Assign Date: 1966-03-16 (inherited from ERDL TCU Coat) Chest Sz / Height Sz SHORT REGULAR LONG X-SMALL 8415-00-945-7650 8415-00-945-7651 SMALL 8415-00-945-7652 8415-00-945-7653 8415-00-945-7654 MEDIUM 8415-00-945-7655 8415-00-945-7656 8415-00-945-7657 LARGE 8415-00-945-7658 8415-00-945-7659 8415-00-945-7660 X-LARGE 8415-00-945-7661   Early High Land ERDL Version   Final […]

M-65 Cold Weather Coat And Trousers Liner

Friday August 26th, 2016 admin

Stock Number Reference: Liner, Cold Weather, Coat Size NSN Normal Size Assign Date Unknown X-Small 8415-00-782-2886 Small 8415-00-782-2887 Medium 8415-00-782-2888 Large 8415-00-782-2889 X-Large 8415-00-782-2890 Special Size Assign Date 1978-07-08 XS-XS 8415-01-062-0679 S-XS 8415-01-062-0680 M-XS 8415-01-062-0681 Liner, Cold Weather, Trousers Assign Date: Unknown Waist Sz / Inseam Sz Short/Regular Long X-Small […]

M-51 Field Jacket And Trousers (1960s)

Tuesday August 23rd, 2016 admin

Shown one dated 1962.   Stock Number Reference: Coat, Man’s, Field, OG-107, M-1951 Assign Date: Unknown Chest/ Height Short Regular Long X-Small 8405-255-8593 Small 8405-255-8591 8405-255-8590 8405-255-8589 Medium 8405-255-8588 8405-255-8587 8405-255-8586 Large 8405-255-8585 8405-255-8584 8405-255-8583 X-Large 8405-255-8592 Liner, Jacket, Field, M-1951 Assign Date: Unknown Size FSN X-Small 8405-261-6595 Small 8405-261-6593 […]

M-65 Cold Weather Field Coat And Trousers (OG-107)

Tuesday August 23rd, 2016 admin

Shown one contract dated 1973, Alpha Industries.   Stock Number Reference: Coat, Men’s Field With Hood, Nylon Cotton Sateen, OG-107 Assign Date: Unknown Chest Sz / Height Sz Short Regular Long X-Small 8415-782-2933 Small 8415-782-2935 8415-782-2936 8415-782-2937 Medium 8415-782-2938 8415-782-2939 8415-782-2940 Large 8415-782-2941 8415-782-2942 8415-782-2943 X-Large 8415-782-2945   Size NSN […]

M-65 Cold Weather Field Coat And Trousers (Woodland Camouflage)

Tuesday August 23rd, 2016 admin

Shown one contract dated 1983   Stock Number Reference: Coat, Cold Weather Field, Woodland Camouflage Assign Date: 1980-08-23 Chest Sz / Height Sz X-SHORT SHORT REGULAR LONG X-LONG X-SMALL 8415-01-099-7825 8415-01-099-7826 8415-01-099-7827 8415-01-099-7828 SMALL 8415-01-099-7829 8415-01-099-7830 8415-01-099-7831 8415-01-099-7832 MEDIUM 8415-01-099-7833 8415-01-099-7834 8415-01-099-7835 8415-01-099-7836 8415-01-475-9514 LARGE 8415-01-099-7837 8415-01-099-7838 8415-01-099-7839 8415-01-475-9516 X-LARGE […]

M-1945 Cargo Pack Captured from Korean War

Sunday August 14th, 2016 admin

I often search militaria in antique store or flea market, in there may find some nice thing at amazing low price. Recent days I found M-1945 cargo pack in a vintage store that sold bedding articles, cloth and hats made in 1980s and 1990s. Most of the goods in the […]

M-1 Ammunition Carrying Bag (1951)

Sunday August 7th, 2016 admin

A large ammunition bag with internal split. Holds six rifle grenades for M-1 Garland, or one .30 ammo box.   Stock Number Reference: Bag, Carrying, Ammunition Army Stock Number: 74-B-54-30

5 Gallons Water Carrying Bag (1951)

Sunday August 7th, 2016 admin

Large capacity water carrying equipment. Stock Number Reference: Bag, Canvas, Water-Carrying, 5 Gallons, Complete Army Stock Number: 74-B-53-425   Components: Name Army Stock Number Bag, Canvas, Water-Carrying, 5 Gallons, Bag Only 74-B-53-420 Bladder, Canvas, Water-Carrying, 5 Gallons 74-B-307