Nylon M16 30 Round Magazine Case (Vietnam War era)

This kind of magazine case was designed for M16 30 round magazine (30-Round Magazine, Cartridge FSN: 1005-921-5004), and NOT part of M-1967 LLCE system.


Stock Number Reference:

Case, Small Arms, Ammunition [Nylon], 30 Round Magazine [M16 And M16E1 Rifle]

FSN: 8465-926-6610

Assign Date: 1966-08-17


M-1967 LLCE M16 20 Round Magazine Case (left) and 30 Round Magazine Case (right)
A member of U.S. Air Force 317th Combat Control Team in chemical warfare gear during exercise Reforger/Autumn Forge 1980. Autumn Forge is a reserve airdrop and associated ground movements taking place both here and in Germany and involving mostly U.S. and British troops and equipment.