Prototype 40mm Grenade Carrying Vest

Stock Number Reference:

Vest, Carrier, Grenade, M-79

SIZE Stock Number
Small 8465-NTK-6531
Medium 8465-NTK-6532


1st Prototype: 1966-01-11 issued, made in double-ply nylon cheesecloth mesh
DSC_5257 DSC_5258 DSC_5259

2nd prototype, 1967-04-04 issued, made in single-ply heavy nylon mesh
DSC_5256 DSC_5255

SOG operatives photo, circa 1970, shows examples of some rare gear: experimental M-79 grenade carrier vest, tropical rucksack, AN/PRT-4 & AN/PPR-9 radio set, rubber coated 2qt canteen pouch, and an M-1937 BAR belt is used.