M17A1 Protective Gas Mask

In 1966, a drinking tube that mates with the M1 canteen cap and a resuscitation tube were added resulting in a change in nomenclature to the M17A1. The resuscitation tube was later dropped and a new size (extra small) was added in 1983, standardized as the Mask, Chemical-Biological: Field, M17A2. The M17 mask was obsoleted in 1993, although it is still used for civilians in mass casualty preparations. The M40-series protective masks are the replacement for the M17 series gas masks.

Reference Technical Manuals for the M17 Gas Mask include:

TM 3-4240-279-10, Operator’s Manual: Mask, Chemical-Biological: Field ABC-M17, M17A1, and M17A2
TM 3-4240-279-20&P, Unit Maintenance Manual for Mask, Chemical-Biological; Field, ABC-M17, M17A1, and M17A2


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Stock Number Reference:

Mask, Protective, Field, M17A1

Size NSN Assign Date
X-Small 4240-01-106-0485 1981-01-11
Small 4240-00-926-4199 1966-05-09
Medium 4240-00-926-4201 1966-05-09
Large 4240-00-926-4202 1966-05-09





drink tube and valve


resuscitation tube (white) and drink tube (black)