Plastic 1 Qt Canteen, Canteen Cup & Heating Stand

Plastic 1QT Canteen (with NBC cap), Canteen Cup and Heating Stand (Stove)
Carrying set: Canteen, cup and stove


Canteen, Water

Features NSN Assign Date
Olive drab, with standard cap 8465-00-889-3744 Unknown
Olive drab, with M-1 NBC protective cap 8465-01-115-0026 1981-06-26

Canteen Cup

Cup, Water Canteen

NSN: 8465-00-165-6838

Assign Date: 1972-02-28

“L” shape old version cup and “butterfly handle” cup


NBC Protective Cap

Cap, Water Canteen, M1

NSN: 8465-00-930-2077

Assign Date: 1966-04-29

Standard canteen cap, black early version M1 cap and latest M1 cap
Latest and early version M1 cap

Stove (Heating Stand)

Canteen Cup Stove was made of one strip of metal, tapered from bottom to top, with a kidney cross-sectional shape matched to the canteen cup. It was open at the top and bottom with a square opening on one side at the bottom (wider end), and several round vent holes in the side. The same basic design, with minor variations in production, was produced until the 1990s.

The metal canteen cup slips securely into the top of the stove, placing the bottom of the cup into the chamber of the stove where the flame from the fuel can work directly on the cup with little loss.

When not in use, the canteen cup nests into the wider end of the stove, the canteen body nests into the canteen cup, and the three components fit into the canteen cover. Markings on the Canteen Cup Stove include US, the year of manufacture, producers name, and the NSN stamped into the stove body.




Stock Number Reference:

Stand, Heating, Cup, Canteen

NSN: 8465-01-250-3632

Assign Date: 1987-02-28