M1936 Suspenders and Belt

The “Belt, Pistol or Revolver, M1936” was essentially the same as the M1912 belt, but had a buckle with smaller “T”-closure. Early version belt had a pair of smooth-faced brass belt keepers with brazed ends. This kind of belt was issued to all ranks armed forces with handgun or carbine (soldier using M1 rifle or M1928 BAR issued with M1923 cartridge belt or M1937 BAR belt).

The suspenders were essential in order to carry the field bag on wearer’s back, and this was it’s primary purpose for their issue.

Stock Number Reference:

Name Stock Number
Suspenders, Belt, M1936 74-S-389
Belt, Pistol or Revolver, M1936 74-B-265


DSC_3941 DSC_3943
Rare M-1936 belt for left-handed soldier.