Tropical Rucksack

Stock Number Reference:

Rucksack, Tropical w/ 3 Small Liner and 1 Large Liner

FSN: 8465-935-6673

Assign Date: Unknown



Liner, Field Pack

Assign Date: 1968-07-24

Size FSN
Size 1 (small) 8465-935-6857
Size 2 (large) 8465-935-6858

Rear view

Side view

Compare with ARVN Rucksack

Compare with ARVN Rucksack
SOG operatives photo, circa 1970, shows examples of some rare gear: experimental M-79 grenade carrier vest, tropical rucksack, AN/PRT-4 & AN/PPR-9 radio set, rubber coated 2qt canteen pouch, and an M-1937 BAR belt is used.
An Army Ranger uses a Tropical Rucksack for carrying a PRC-25 radio, with Lightweight rucksack frame.