IIFS Pack Subsystem (FPLIF)

IIFS means Individual Integrated Fighting System.

It’s pack subsystem consists of a large rucksack and patrol pack. It was tested during 1988 and 1990, meant to replace ALICE medium and large rucksack. They were known as FPLIF (Field Pack, Large, with Internal Frame, a.k.a. CFP-90, Combat Field Pack 1990, as it’s commercial name). However, FPLIF performs pretty bad due to it’s adjustable internal frame and too long for parachute jumping. They never replace ALICE rucksack, no one likes using them.

After 2000, 3-color desert camouflage version was produced and it’s NSN doesn’t change even it’s color changed.

Nomenclature NSN Assign Date
Pack, Patrol, Combat 8465-01-287-8128 1988-10-28
Field Pack, Large, With Internal Frame 8465-01-286-5356 1988-10-04

FPLIF main pack and patrol pack

Combine patrol pack on the top of main pack
Adjustable internal frame system
Soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division, Ft Drum, N.Y., dressed in full combat gear, line up to board UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters at Port-au-Prince airport Port-au-Prince, Haiti to take them to Bowlen Airfield during Operation Restore Democracy on 22 Sept 94.