ESS Crossbow & Crossbow Supressor

Both kind of spectacles issue with clear and grey lens, Crossbow takes part in APEL list (I’m not sure if Crossbow Suppressor takes part, although it was assigned an NSN code).

Crosshair has better compatibility using with helmet or headset, since it’s frame is thinner than Crossbow.

Stock Number Reference:

Name NSN Assign Date
ESS Crossbow 4240-01-583-5742 2010-03-30
ESS Crossbow Suppressor 4240-01-594-0564 2011-04-22
ESS Crossbow
UPLC Compatible
4240-01-630-8327 2014-08-20
ESS Crosshair 4240-01-630-6352 2014-08-12



Reference: ESS Official NSN List (PDF)(2010-08)