M69 Body Armor (Gen II)

Widely used by Army infantry, Navy sailor and Marine also equipped a few. Like its predecessor M-1952A, it was fabricated from 12 piles of ballistic nylon, protect wearer form explosion fragment. In fact, the name “M69” is the 1969 version of this series body armor’s model (Armor, Body Fragmentation Protective, w/ ¾ Collar, M-69).

Since this series of body armor are similar to each other, people used to refer all of them by “M69”

This series of body armor were massive produced and issued as early as 1966. The year 1969 just it’s latest version. There are at least 3 known different version.


Stock Number Reference:

Armor, Body Fragmentation Protective, w/ ¾ Collar

Size FSN Assign Date
Small 8470-122-1299 1968-11-06
Medium 8470-122-1300 1968-11-06
Large 8470-122-1301 1968-11-06
X-Large 8470-122-1302 1968-11-06



Gen I w/ epaulets (left) and Gen II