Marine ILBE Combat Pouch

Issued with ILBE GEN II backpack system, 2007. They are parts of Marine ILBE system officially.

Stock number reference:

Item NSN Supplier Assign Date
M16/M4 Speed Reload Mag Pouch 8465-01-558-5122 Specialty Defense 2007-11-13
M16/M4 Single/Double Mag Pouch 8465-01-558-5167 Fire Force 2007-11-13
9 mm Mag Pouch 8465-01-558-5105 Eagle Industries 2007-11-13
40 mm Grenade Pouch 8465-01-558-5113 Atlantic Diving Supply 2007-11-13
Pop-up Flare Pouch 8465-01-559-3148 Quantico Arms 2007-12-13
M67 Grenade Pouch 8465-01-558-5185 The Resource Center 2007-11-13
12 Gauge Shotgun Shell Pouch 8465-01-558-4476 Eagle Industries 2007-11-09
Multi Grenade Pouch 8465-01-558-4687 Eagle Industries 2007-11-09
SAW/Utility Pouch 8465-01-559-0116 Quantico Arms 2007-12-03
Dump Pouch 8465-01-558-5130 Specialty Defense 2007-11-13
M16/M4 Speed Reload Mag Pouch
M16/M4 Single/Double Mag Pouch
9 mm Mag Pouch
40 mm Grenade Pouch
Pop-up Flare Pouch
M67 Grenade Pouch
12 Gauge Shotgun Shell Pouch
Multi Grenade Pouch
SAW/Utility Pouch
Dump Pouch



Item Qty.

Rifleman Kit

M16/M4 Single/Double Mag Pouch 3
Dump Pouch 1
M67 Grenade Pouch 2

Pistolman Kit

9 mm Mag Pouch 2
12 Gauge Shotgun Shell Pouch 1
Multi Grenade Pouch 1
Pop-up Flare Pouch 1

SAW Gunner Kit

SAW/Utility Pouch 2

Grenadier Kit

40 mm Grenade Pouch 3
40mm Grenade Multi-Round System (GMRS) 1
Rifleman Kit
Pistolman Kit
SAW Gunner Kit
Grenadier Kit