M1950 Camp Axe (?)

Stock Number Reference:

Name FSN
Axe, Camp M-1950 (?) (Unknown)
Carrier, Axe, Camp M-1950 2009-050-201

I haven’t found it’s original handle, so I paired it with a M1910 axe handle instead. The original handle of this axe is much longer than M1910 axe’s.

There is something strange with it’s carrier, the stamp shows it’s FSN is “2009-050-201” and it was made by Homer-Alden Company. The problem is: it’s FSC (Federal Supply Classification) code doesn’t match it’s class. FSC code “20” means “ship and marine equipment”. Then I think “Homer-Alden Company” is a repro brand, but it’s not. This is not the only thing I got with confusing FSC code, I have a M1910 canteen cover with a FSN “7350-379-2602” crica 1957, and another one with FSN “8465-379-2602” crica 1963. I think something happened to FSC code during 1949 and 1960, changing FSC code as we see today.