IIFS Load Bearing Vest Subsystem

IIFS means Individual Integrated Fighting System, it’s load bearing vest subsystem consists of rifleman vest and grenadier vest.

The rifleman vest holds 6 M16 rifle magazines, and the grenadier holds fourteen 40*46mm HE grenades and four special purpose 40mm grenades.

The rifleman vest was field-tested in later 1980’s by special operatives in the Operation Just Cause and Desert Storm. According to their feedback, the vest was redesigned and enhanced. New vest was issued since 1994, but it wasn’t assigned a new NSN.

Stock Number Reference:

Name NSN Assign Date
Vest, Tactical Load Bearing
Vest, Tactical Load Bearing (Enhanced)
8415-01-296-8878 1989-03-25
Vest, Grenade Carrier (40-MM) 8415-01-317-1622 1990-03-24
Field Pack, Training 8465-00-935-6825 1967-07-01
First assigned as part of M1967 LLCE component