AN/PRT-4(A) Transmitter and AN/PRR-9 Receiver Set

Stock Number Reference:

AN/PRT-4 Transmitter Set

Name FSN Assign Date
Radio, Transmitting Set, AN/PRT-4 5820-868-8107 Unknown
Radio, Transmitting Set, AN/PRT-4A 5820-133-8980 1968-08-14
Slide, Transmitter 5820-995-2261 Unknown
Antenna, AS-1999/PRT-4 5985-926-2589 1966-07-06
Lanyard Assy 5985-933-2454 Unknown
Battery Case, CY-6115/PRT-4
Battery Case, CY-6115/PRT-4A
6130-908-9189 1966-06-20
Battery, Non-Rechargeable, BA-399/U 6135-926-0845 1966-02-18

AN/PRR-9 Receiver Set

Name FSN Assign Date
Receiving Set, AN/PRR-9 5820-069-8931 Unknown
Slide, Transmitter 5820-995-2261 Unknown
Lanyard Assy 5985-933-2454 Unknown
Headset, Elect, H-264/PRR-9 5965-926-2591 Unknown
Antenna, AS-1998A/PRR-9 5985-926-2590 1966-07-11
Battery, Non-Rechargeable, Dry, BA-505/U 6135-926-0844 1966-02-18


PFC Ernie L Hixwick, Pointman, A Co. 1st Bn. 22nd Inf. 4th Inf Div, with the new, lightweight PRR-9 Helmet radio receiver. He also carries a XM148 experimental 40 mm grenade launcher. Pleiku Province, Vietnam 5 Aug 1967
SOG operatives photo, circa 1970, shows examples of some rare gear: experimental M-79 grenade carrier vest, tropical rucksack, AN/PRT-4 & AN/PPR-9 radio set, rubber coated 2qt canteen pouch, and an M-1937 BAR belt is used.