M1944 & M1945 Pack System

“M-1944” Pack Set

Name Army Stock Number
Pack, Field, Combat 74-P-12-250
Pack, Field, Cargo 74-P-12-285

American soldier with M1 Garand rifle in the Philippine Islands, circa 1945
An Army M-1919A4 gunner carries a “M-1944” Combat Pack
“M-1944” Pack Set in Europe
“M-1944” Pack Set in Europe

M-1945 Pack Set

Pack, Field, Combat, M-1945 74-P-12-252
Pack, Field, Cargo, M-1945 74-P-12-287

the Korean War



Name Army Stock Number
Suspenders, Pack, Combat, Cargo 74-S-392-300

M-1945 Suspenders and M-1936 Pistol Belt