Marine Modular Load Bearing Vest

Wednesday June 28th, 2017 admin

Stock Number Reference: Nomenclature NSN QTY. Assign Date Vest, Load Bearing 8415-01-440-9528 1 1997-01-29 Pocket, Ammunition Magazine, 40mm 8465-01-440-5885 2 1997-01-17 Pocket, Utility, Medium 8465-01-440-9530 2 1997-01-29 Pocket, Utility, Small 8465-01-440-9538 2 1997-01-29 Pad, Belt Unknown 1 Unknown

Marine Evaporative Cooling Vest (ECV)

Tuesday January 3rd, 2017 admin

The ECV is an individual microclimate system that provides cooling relief in hot climates when conducting foot patrols and vehicle convoys.  Used primarily under the OTV, the ECV was procured in response to an Urgent Universal Statement of Need.  Manufactured out of fire resistant material, the ECVs open weave mesh provides evaporative […]

40mm Grenade Carrying Vest (1974)

Sunday May 8th, 2016 admin

Shown one circa 1974, medium size. Enhanced from early plastic snap version, the top four pocket were extended for special and non-lethal 40mm grenade. The medium size vest has capacity for 10 high-explosive 40mm grenades and 2 special 40mm grenades on each side (20 HE 40mm grenades and 4 special grenades […]

MOLLE II Rifleman Set (Universal Camouflage)

Tuesday April 26th, 2016 admin

According to the contract, the components are also different. Shown set contract number dated 2008.   Stock Number Reference: MOLLE, Rifleman Set NSN: 8465-01-525-0578 Assign Date: 2005-02-01   Components: Name Qty NSN Assign Date MOLLE, Fighting Load Carrier (FLC) 1 8465-01-525-0577 2005-02-01 MOLLE, Canteen, General Purpose Pouch 2 8465-01-525-0585 2005-02-01 MOLLE, […]

IIFS Load Bearing Vest Subsystem

Tuesday November 17th, 2015 admin

IIFS means Individual Integrated Fighting System, it’s load bearing vest subsystem consists of rifleman vest and grenadier vest. The rifleman vest has capacity for 6 M16 rifle magazines, and the grenadier vest can hold 14 40*46mm HE grenades and 4 special purpose 40mm grenades. The rifleman vest was field-tested in later 1980’s, […]

Marine Tactical Assault Panel (TAP)

Monday November 16th, 2015 admin

Stock Number Reference: Tactical Assault Pannel NSN: 8465-01-581-5668 Assign Date: 2010-01-21 Color NSN Assign Date UCP-D (Experimental Camouflage) 8465-01-F00-6843(MCN) crica 2009 OCP 8465-01-580-0689 2009-12-03 Coyote Brown 8465-01-581-5668 2010-01-21 UCP 8465-01-583-6329 2010-03-31 Used on IMTV/PC Used on Modular Tactical Vest.