Canteen Cup Heating Stand (1980s)

Monday March 14th, 2016 admin

Canteen Cup Stove was made of one strip of metal, tapered from bottom to top, with a kidney cross-sectional shape matched to the canteen cup. It was open at the top and bottom with a square opening on one side at the bottom (wider end), and several round vent holes […]

Stainless Mess Kit: Pan Kit, Fork, Spoon & Knife (1989)

Tuesday November 17th, 2015 admin

Use since 1942, the shown set dated 1989. Stock Number Reference: Name NSN Assign Date PAN, MESS KIT 7350-00-242-5110 Unknown FORK, FIELD MESS 7340-00-243-5391 Unknown SPOON, FIELD MESS 7340-00-243-5390 Unknown KNIFE, FIELD MESS 7340-00-240-7436 Unknown